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Support Scroll. In the age of sailing travel was slow, leisurely, full of danger and anticipation. There was the unexpected too, not least the prospect of shipboard romances. By the midth century steamships that were smaller and faster, sailed via the Mediterranean and the Red Seas toward the East. The Suez Canal reduced travel time yet further and there were more travellers.

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Men who came east to serve the British Empire and then, as the 19th century wore on, more women travellers. As the historian Alison Blunt writes, from a handful of Portuguese women travellers who came to Goa in the s, bythere were around European women in India. Inin North West Provinces present day Uttar Pradeshthere were around 5, British women, and in British women ed 42, in a British population of around 1,54, During this period, a certain social segregation and imperial distancing was already in place in India and British men were Women want nsa Wells to marry their own ilk.

Travel advice books covering myriad subjects, from travelling in comfort to household management and cookery, became a popular genre from the s onward. They ranged in style from the mere pedantic to those gossipy and amusing; they were also fancifully titled and dedicated. Most such books appeared from the s onwards and many went through several reprints.

In the late 19th century most ships to Bombay left from Southampton, Southwest of London, a journey of around 28 days with stops. The journey from the Red Sea to Aden was described in most advice books as trying.

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There were those who preferred to travel overland through Europe by first taking the steamer from Dover to Calais and then the train through Paris, Macon, to Turin, before taking the steamer from Brindisi in Sicily to Alexandria. Late autumn was the best season to travel out, for then one arrived in Bombay in time for the mild winter.

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It made, if required, the later rail journey through India easier to endure than in summers when it could get very hot. A more stylish dress must be worn for landing…It is a good plan to use very old underclothing, such as can be thrown away when soiled. For the likes of solo intrepid women travellers who journeyed on their own, Lillias Campbell Davidson offered some special advice in her Hints to Lady Travellers.

This was inserted below the eyelid, and the eyeball rolled along with the stone, the dust mote then stuck to the stone and then could be easily retrieved. All advice books were unanimous about not carrying or packing too much — either as hand baggage or for use in India. The parcel post and friends who traveled often allowed for things to be quickly dispatched from England.

HMLS added that most things could also be stitched in India. There were several advice books that provided guarded praise for the durzee or the tailor.

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In Outfits and Establishmentsthere was more detail:. The Indian durzee is a very clever worker, good at imitating, but bad at originating. Give him a good pattern and you can get new ones by post from home as often as necessary and he will turn out a dress very nicely, with strong, neat workmanship.

Your evening dresses you will be able to alter with the occasional addition of little extras, such as flowers, ribbons, and so on. If you can afford a lace dress I should prefer it of whiteso much the better; it will outlast many other evening dresses, and lace, even if not of an expensive kind, is always useful, and can be made up over and over again on different coloured slips. Men too had their own travel guidelines.

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It was best to hire furniture in India considering that the husbands were transferred every few years. It made far more sense to buy pianos. Pianos in India were made to suit local conditions. It is called a ressaie, and can be procured cheaply in almost any station, or even where there are no troops. It will last for years. Share your perspective on this article with a post on ScrollStack, and send it to your followers. Contribute Now. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons In the age of sailing travel was slow, leisurely, full of danger and anticipation.

The auxiliary steamer County of Sutherland at sea under steam and sail. British men and women in India during the Raj. British men in India during the Raj. Respond to this article with a post Share your perspective on this article with a post on ScrollStack, and send it to your followers.

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Husband-hunting in the Raj: Here’s the advice British women received when traveling to India