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Turns out WSU is quite the prolific matchmaker. Want to add yours? your anecdote along with then-and-now photos to associate editor Adriana Janovich at adriana. He and his roommates had just moved into Columbia YY They had to borrow a car for the occasion. The couple asked several friends to be witnesses at the courthouse. Afterward, they drove back to Pullman, met some friends at the CUB, and showed them their marriage to prove they were actually married.

Today, the Zarafshans have two adult children. This March, they celebrate their 32nd anniversary. The entire fraternity showed up and serenaded her. After graduation in Maythe couple worked together in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for a summer, then traveled through Europe, and eventually married in September They lived in California for the first 10 years of marriage and eventually landed in Bend, Oregon. Baltz-Smylie He was editor-in-chief.

She was interviewing for a position as a reporter. It was spring She was a freshman. He had one more semester to finish before graduating in fall. He was the boss. She was a cub reporter. I could not put together a coherent sentence when he was around. I just giggled all the time. He was so cool and so smart and older, too. She wrote a lot of breaking news and obituaries at first. Student government and Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture became her beats.

But she was too tongue-tied to talk to Matt, who soon graduated and landed his first full-time journalism job on the Kitsap Peninsula—where Candace is from. One of his reporting asments took him to her childhood home in Tracyton, where her parents were involved with salmon conservation. Every year for many years, they released thousands of coho salmon eggs into a creek, fourth-graders would participate as a science field trip, and local media would cover it. She was in the Evergreen newsroom when her mom called the landline. I was mortified. But it also gave me an excuse to reach out to Matt.

Shortly after that, they agreed to go on a date. Then he moved to Hawaii. He had applied at a newspaper on Kauai and, shortly after their first date, he got the job. She had worked all summer between her sophomore and junior years, saved money, and decided she was going to visit. Not long later, he landed a new newspaper job in Ketchum, Idaho—about nine and a half hours nonstop from Pullman.

He did the drive almost every other weekend to see her, taking Friday off and arriving right around the time she was getting off the air. By then, she was working at Northwest Public Radio. Our dates were bookended by my shifts. We watched a lot of TV and movies, talked, ate a lot of really bad food. We were just happy to be together Puyallup married dating we spent so much of our time apart. Matt proposed in February of her senior year. When Candace went to visit him during spring break they almost eloped, going as far as filling out the paperwork.

Instead, they planned a wedding in the CUB ballroom for May 8,the Wednesday before she graduated. The reception was catered by WSU Hospitality students. A faculty jazz and swing back provided the music. Soon, Matt left reporting to work in advertising at the local newspaper, then in marketing for a local real estate firm.

Inthey Puyallup married dating a son. Logan Murrow Smylie, now 16, was named for the building where his parents met. Ten years after Candance graduated, her career came full circle. She returned to WSU to serve as director of Puyallup married dating media. For three years, she advised the Evergreen staff and worked in the same place where she and Matt met.

It was just an incredible experience. Matt has been working remotely since for the Virginia-based information technology and management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, doing digital and strategic communications. They both fondly recall their time in Pullman, at Murrow, and the Evergreen. Pullman is home percent.

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Her emphasis was broadcast news. His was broadcast production and management. They officially started dating February 12, But the evening got off to a rocky start. He was late. She was upset. But he had flowers. So she gave him a hug and the benefit of the doubt.

In the car, though, he asked where she wanted to go. He said he needed to stop at the studio to pick up some equipment. When they got there, he asked her to help carry it. She was dressed up, wearing heels, and annoyed. She was still grumbling to herself as he unlocked the door at Murrow, where she walked into a candlelight dinner.

I was taken by his romantic planning and thoughtfulness. From that point on, we were nearly inseparable. They enjoyed countless breakfasts at Old European, lots of late-night pizza, and hanging out with mutual friends from Murrow. Today, Jason is a freelance director and technical director for the Seattle Sounders and the Seattle Mariners as well as a video production specialist at SanMar in Issaquah. Amy is a communications manager at a Bellevue school.

They have Puyallup married dating kids and live in Snoqualmie. Thank you, WSU, and to our amazing teachers and friends! He eventually asked me on our first date at the theater in Pullman, and after that we began dating. It was our first taste of being adults, our first time out in the world and, ultimately, our first time noticing one another in a different light. Kohl and I went to high school with one another, and he was a year older. We knew of one another, but that was the extent. We owe it all to our foundation in Pullman. But Joel repeated her name in his head until he got home and could write it down on a napkin.

When she got home, she searched for him on MySpace. It turned out they had lots of mutual friends. Kyle A. Kyle reached out to acquaintances from high school. Jenny contacted close friends she had known in elementary and middle school but had gone to a different high school than she did. Turns out, his friends were her friends. They soon figured out that among their group of pre-WSU connections, Puyallup married dating were the only two who lived on the northside of campus.

In fact, they were neighbors. They discovered that, despite having never met before WSU, they had grown up less than a mile apart in the Tri-Cities. The summer after their freshman year, they did something they had never done before. They hung out together in their hometown.

We attended football games, basketball games, and concerts on campus; shared study sessions and food runs to Cougar Country; and sang the fight song together more times than I can count.

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We love WSU and are happy to share that and our love every day. He was, Krisy says, the only one. Ultimately, his call led to two marriages and six children. He and Tyson had gone to high school together.

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When Krisy came to visit Cheryl on campus, she met Tyson, too.

Puyallup married dating

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