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Not to be confused with the Madonna, which is located on the opposite side of the lip, the Monroe piercing sits above the upper lip on the left side of the face. In order to complete the Marilyn Monroe look, most opt for a simple labret stud with a small bead, gemstone, or cute charm. Like many other upper lip piercingsthe Monroe falls about midway on the pain scale. Your lips have more nerve endings than areas like your ears or nose, so you will most likely feel a fairly substantial pinch.

However, unlike some other lip piercingsonly one swift puncture is required, so the pain is quick. Lip piercings tend to swell quite a bit, so you should be prepared for redness and puffiness for the first couple of days. Your piercer should fit you with a labret stud that is big enough to accommodate the swelling. As with any piercing, healing times vary from person to person. In order to ensure the quickest healing time, make sure you adhere to proper aftercare practices.

Most people find that their Monroe is fully healed after 6 weeks, but it can take as long as 12 weeks. Beyond standard piercing aftercare practicesyou need to take extra care that any oral piercing stays free from bacteria. Since your mouth is warm and damp, it becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your mouth stays clean, you keep on top of your oral hygiene practices, and you keep foreign objects away from your piercing as much as possible.

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Only touch your piercing with clean hands. Especially in the first few days, you might be tempted to twist or touch your jewelry. Doing this can irritate the skin and slow down healing. Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. A cocktail every now or then is fine, but binge drinking can weaken your immune system, so stay away from the parties for a while.

Cigarettes contain harmful chemicals that will negatively impact your piercing. No kissing. Watch your teeth. Brush your teeth regularly. As mentioned ly, the labret stud jewelry is the most popular Monroe piercing by far. This helps match the aesthetic of the beauty mark of its namesake. However, the jewelry type is far from limiting; there are tons of labret stud styles that you can choose from to make this piercing your own. Most Monroe piercings use either a 14G or 16G piece.

A shiny gemstone also looks adorable, and the sparkle helps to draw the eye. A bezel setting is great for the Monroe piercing because it provides a sleek and smooth finish that sits more flush with the skin. Dainty charms are also super popular, and a small heart or star could add an element of whimsy to your piercing.

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Be careful when choosing your jewelry; a red bead or gemstone could be mistaken for a zit or blemish. As with all lip piercings, you should choose a stud with a flat disc backing. Not only is this a more comfortable jewelry option, but it also limits rubbing against your gums, which could lead to a receding gum line. If you suspect that your jewelry is starting to be problematic to your gums, take out your jewelry and consult a dentist. Not every piercing is for everyone. The shape of your lips and face, your health practices, and your daily activities can all contribute to whether or not you should get pierced.

If you have a lower pain tolerance, then you might want to opt for a piercing away from your lips. Because the Monroe piercing is meant to emulate a beauty mark, if you already have one in that area, you might want to rethink whether you want to pierce an artificial beauty mark.

Additionally, due to its location, if you choose the wrong jewelry, it could be mistaken for a more unsightly blemish. If you have acne in Looking for a Monroe to talk to area, you might want to hold off on the piercing until your acne clears up, otherwise, your piercing might get lost.

As always, pricing will vary from piercer to piercer. While we always recommend opting for the more expensive and experienced piercerwith the Monroe piercing, this is especially true; there are so many nerve endings in the lips to be aware of, and a poorly placed Monroe piercing could wreak havoc on your gums. You should, however, choose your piercer based on their abilities rather than finding the cheapest option. Never choose a piercer who uses a piercing gun ; these harbor more bacteria, and the blunt force it uses to puncture the skin can cause damage.

Another Monroe style that is growing in popularity is the double Monroe piercing. Some choose to align their double Monroe along their lipline so that the piercings are offset from each other. Others get their Monroe piercings side-by-side. Less popular, but still possible, is to get two piercings one on top of the other.

If you opt for the double Monroe piercing, be aware that the piercer will likely have you come in for two separate sessions to ease healing time. Close search. Dermal Threaded Ends. Tongue Rings. VCH Jewelry. Shop Our Instagram. Flat Back Earrings. Circular Barbells. Curved Barbells. Spiral Barbell. Straight Barbells Gemstone Barbells. Replacement Parts. Pearl Body Jewelry. Piercing Cleaning. New Arrivals. Gift Cards. Table of Contents How much does the Monroe piercing hurt? How much will it cost? Monroe piercing variations.

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Looking for a Monroe to talk to

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The Monroe Piercing: Everything You Need to Know