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Also get the route, Fare details, and policies of Licensing of the Space etc are available. Users can apply online for the accommodation, download forms and get allotment letter by providing allotment Id. Find accommodation details and guidelines for accommodation allotment. Details on holiday homes are also available online. Contact details of officials are also given.

Users can obtain information related to the government policies, programmes, projects, training, externally aided projects, solid waste management, urban water supply etc.

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Information about the water agency is also given. Users can get details about the eligibility criteria, beneficiary type and benefits of the Scheme. Information on how to avail the Scheme is provided. Details of the applying authority and required documents are also available.

Users can get details related to centres of excellence, details of centres, proceedings of workshop, etc. Details on review workshop on centres of excellence, report for the project on user charges for water, report for the project on consumer grievance Redressal, etc. Scheme related details such as eligibility, beneficiary, required documents, application procedure and forms are available.

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Contact details of the coordinating agency are also provided. The scheme is funded by the Central and State government.

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All urban areas falling under North Eastern Region and Sikkim are eligible for the scheme. Beneficiaries can contact Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs for more information about the Scheme.

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Instructions on how to fill the form are available. Users can download the form and use it further. Users can download and fill the form according to their requirement. Access to contact details of officers of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs is given. Users can access telephone list, e-mail list and web list of the ministry. Information about name, address, phonefax and e-mail of Web Information Manager and Technical Manager is also available. The scheme is funded in by the Central and State government.

Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs formulates policies, supports programmes, monitors programmes and coordinates the activities of various Central Ministries, State Governments and other nodal authorities. Information on urban scenario, organizations and policies is available. Details of various Urban programmes User can find information on various schemes, programmes and initiatives.

Get the Information on scheme and programmes implemented by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. User can get Annual Reports on Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs where Ministry has enlisted its various achievements, policies, schemes, different activities etc. The reports from onwards are available.

Light rail affair Links. Get the E-book which is released by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to highlight its initiatives and achievements.

Light rail affair

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