Lets go on a blind date

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Hey, remember that cool babe who wrote The Butterfly Effectwhich I adored? The podcast features Rachel and her fellow writer friends, Elena Nicolaou and Kristen Evans, as they set up a guest on a blind date with a book using dating app questions.

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Think questions like…. If tattoos only lasted one year, what would you get? Each of the three hosts competes against each other to give the best book recommendations. What I love about the podcast is the creative format.

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I used to listen to a lot of bookish podcasts but fell out of the habit because I got bored with the book recommendation episodes. It was usually the hosts reading a brief message from the person writing in and giving them a giant list of recommendations without any feedback from the person who was asking for the recs. If you end up being a guest on the show, let me know!

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Tips to Slay Your Reading Goals. Ask a Book Nerd. Address. Jun Mandy Shunnarah. The More You Know. Think questions like… Do you consider yourself a romantic? Leave a comment.

Lets go on a blind date

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Let’s go on a blind date