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Janet Jackson has plenty of time on the set of her new video to talk--about Michael, LaToya and a favorite new subject: sex. That leaves her afternoon free. Jackson is 27, with a broken marriage behind her, but to millions she is still the little girl who grew up in the shadow of her famous brother s --the girl with the cutest dimples this side of Shirley Temple. She used to be this innocent little girl.

Jackson is radiant as she stands in the middle of the busy video sound stage, as workmen rush past her to put scenery in place. There was a time when she felt self-conscious around cameras because the baby fat in her face and figure could lead to unflattering photographs if taken from the wrong angle. The film is due July I want to do something like that.

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Like Michael, Janet was soft-spoken, painfully shy and so deferential when meeting someone for the first time that it was hard to imagine her actually taking charge of her own career. For years, she found it hard to give orders because she was so timid. She also was uncomfortable talking about herself, especially her accomplishments, because it sounded too much like what her mother always hated: boasting. The hardest words for her, a longtime friend once said, are I and no. The Gary, Ind. Cynthia Horner, executive editor of teen-oriented Right On! No one ever doubted that Michael Jackson had remarkable talent.

He dazzled everyone with his singing and dancing with the Jackson 5 for years before his solo career made him the biggest-selling artist in the world.

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But the Singleton movie, which is a dramatic career stretch, and the album, with its sexy, adult tone, could finally find her the long-absent credibility. Many of the songs are set in a tender, romantic context. This ease in talking about herself is another strong selling point in getting people to toss aside her old image. One longtime Jackson observer feels the pop star has worked hard at overcoming the family shyness to get to this point.

That is why he went on Oprah. Unlike many pop artists, she sees videos as an extension of the record. They were so cheap before. Kids love them. Janet is the first to admit that she idolizes her brother. They were almost inseparable until she was in her mid-teens.

They went to movies together, went to the store together and daydreamed together. At the same time, she is equally comfortable saying her goal is to sell more records than Michael. We both aim high because we feel that nothing is impossible.

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It was wonderful. They could finally see what kind of heart he has. Still, there is so much more of him. That was just the icing. Jackson was especially happy that he revealed on the show that he has a skin pigmentation disease which causes a discoloration.

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Now everybody knows the truth. Then, she goes on TV and says no one reached out. It helped us keep our feet on the ground. They mean spank. My parents never beat us in the sense of black and blue. If you have a problem with someone, you tell that person. I think a lot of it has to do with growing older, being inquisitive. I think it is important to sit down and think about where you came from and to help your people by extending your hand to bring someone else along.

But first came the lengthy contract negotiations with Virgin Records. When she came back enthusiastic, Singleton offered her the lead role of Justice, a hairdresser in South-Central Los Angeles. She was so eager to play the role that she gained 10 pounds to look more like someone who had sort of let herself go after the trauma in her life. I understood her pain. Jackson was 16 Jackson girls just sex when she eloped with James DeBarge.

It was a marriage of musical dynasties because her husband was a member of the singing group DeBarge, which Motown was promoting as the new Jackson 5. Some blamed family pressure as the reason for the annulment the following year, but Jackson disputes that.

She points to personal problems, which she refuses to discuss, except for the effect the relationship had on her. What have I done? We were just sitting around with her and she started loosening up and telling me about going to the San Diego Zoo and how these girls recognized her and she mimicked them.

But it really started to flow. It was much more than another job.

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It was kind of a cathartic experience, I think. After she ended up doing the movie last year, she recorded the album, and I think in some ways it had an influence on her. Jackson met Rene Elizondo, who is her boyfriend, when she was He, too, grew up in Los Angeles around the entertainment world. Several relatives worked in the film business and he wanted to be a director. And I had things that were really hurting me with my relationship and being married. This is my best friend.

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I felt this way, exactly this way. On the following day, Jackson is feeling better and the rehearsal is in full swing. At one point, she rushes to a row of bleachers set up for about 30 unwed teen mothers, who are visiting Los Angeles as part of a work experience program. Horner of Right On! She looks like a movie star or a Miss America, but her beauty is not off-putting. The fans are still attracted to the warmth they see in her persona. Later, Jackson reflects when told about all the reasons given by observers and friends for her newfound confidence--from the album successes to her own monitoring of what has happened to others in her family.

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I think the changes have to do with the making of the film, which was a wonderful experience, and something everyone goes through: maturity. All Sections. About Us. B2B Publishing. Business Visionaries. Hot Property. Times Events. Times Store. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options.

Jackson girls just sex

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