I looking for one special woman

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Studies have even shown that reminiscing about happy experiences together can make a woman feel special and make the both of you feel closer. Want to know even more small tricks about how to make a girl feel special? Be physically and emotionally present. Send unsolicited texts.

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Unsolicited, meaning genuine and not asked for. Dion Metzger. Giving small, yet meaningful, gifts. She loves the smell of lavender, so bring home some lavender sprigs one day. Create new experiences together. Do some of her duties. Ask what she likes. Give her an unexpected embrace. Or, just try to surprise her with a hug from behind. Sit next to her.

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If you really want to know how to make a girl feel special, body language is everything. When at a restaurant, sit next to her instead of across from her. Compliment her on a regular basis.

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Be old fashioned. Cheryl Detwilera life coach and relationship counselor, says of her husband and business partner. Ask for her opinion on decisions. Be romantic by planning special time together. Compliment her in public. Tell her you appreciate her.

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Here are 15 ways to make a girl feel special and loved: 1. More from The Date Mix. Subscribe to our newsletter Please enter a valid address. Address. Search for.

I looking for one special woman

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How to Make a Girl Feel Special