Damn need to get off

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The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. The Dutch theologian Jacobus Arminius criticized the orthodox Calvinist position on the doctrine of predestination.

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The result was a split in the Dutch Reformed Church, and followers of his position came to be known as Arminians. Everyone has to breathe. You need breaks.

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A caesura is perfect because it gives you natural breaks in poetry. And poets, like Shakespeare, have used this throughout history. See it in action through these caesura examples. Home Sentence Damn Damn sentence example damn. Don't waste time, damn it! The whole thing only lasted a minute before the damn phone rang. I don't give a damn if he escapes. Weren't you calling Julie a bitch and me a damn fool for bailing her out? I think I'm doing pretty damn good, considering I would've been able to kill him if you hadn't shot and run me over, he replied in irritation.

You never sowed any wild oats in my field, damn it! Damn that felt good! Yes, I slept with him, damn it! By his tone, he didn't give a damn what she thought.

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I don't give a damn about a bunch of bones, but where do you get off saying The Lucky Pup Mine is yours? I don't give a damn about what might have happened years ago! The entire affair was a damn soap opera.

She was pretty sure Damian would find her no matter where she tried to go, but damn them all, she was going home. Did anyone give a damn for the Iraqi poor conscripts our troops slaughtered and buried by bulldozers in mass graves? Tuesday May 13, The Guardian Does anybody give a damn whether or not judges continue to dress up in red dressing gowns? I have complained about it ly and other people have complained about it numerous time and you don't care a damn. Blond hair, striking bluey green eyes, hot damn! DamnI bottled on the bet with Si that Sweep would be the opener, mystic meg eat your crystal ball.

In other words, the EU doesn't give a damn about the democratic process. Damnthat's a huge wad of text, I pity anyone who actually read it all. Basically, they do n't give a damn about losing a few months of senile decay.

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Should I at least remain mute that Julie had actually contacted the damn paper seeking the reward money? I just want to ring his damn neck. Again he felt more was going on than the damn Watcher let on. Until you can prove you've got some damn disease, you're on leave without pay. She had a damn good point, Sofia admitted, and hated her for it. He had been there, damn it, and nobody could take that away!

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It wasn't his fault he wasn't worth a damn at any of them. I had to do something and I'm Damn need to get off about to drink—too damn early. The guy scares me and believe me, there are damn few guys who do that! You just took too damn long getting here. That damn dream appeared every night as well. Didn't take a damn thing, Dan reported from his position inside the building. They were missing and the only person who gave a damn was Mrs. Wassermann, the mother of the bouncing boys. He told himself he didn't give a damn about Locust and Ninth but his mind wouldn't let go. Damnyou guys are good!

Fn1 A certain Peter Doc. There is much more metaphysical subtlety in the word " damn " than in the word " degeneration. 4 1 [The women knock into Inuyasha with no expression. Another said, " Damn me! In my shrill voice I added, ' Say damn '. She 's probably the person I'll be looking for tomorrow to help me tie the damn knot in my stupid black tie. I probably just vegetated in front of the TV like anyone with no damn job should, frankly. Damnthat 's a huge wad of text, I pity anyone who actually read it all. These damn ' Americans, limited as their technology otherwise was, had somehow managed to harness wormhole technology.

Damn blue blazes of hell is mine this week. But then developers got their acts together and let loose some original and damn entertaining games, making it the one handheld system. That being said, you'll have damn fun while you do it. Granted, it isn't the actual artist performing them, but the covers sound damn close.

The story of a fighting game has never been all that important, mostly because it's hard to keep a story going where the whole premise is that they have to keep fighting each other, but Namco does a damn good job with Tekken 5. Halo 2 is bigger, better, and prettier than the original, which was damn near impossible. Aphro, hypo, who gives a damn. I don't give a damn.

He never had been able to lie worth a damn. I bugged the place, taped the whole damn thing— recorded every word. I'm too damn good at what I do. The catch she'd discounted as simple was going to damn them all. You damn well better have a good lawyer, because…. She really didn't give a damn if he wasn't used to being challenged. No blue blood like the Kingslys gave a damn about some small-town assistant GM at a fast food t! Take Toby and the damn death guy and leave me the hell alone. Damn you, Toby for ruining my life, and Gabriel and Ully and Andre….

However, the thought of swan diving off a cliff the next time he called her a damn blood monkey was getting more tempting with each day! He didn't give a damn about her, and he sounded as if he'd rather she jump from a cliff than bother Damn need to get off. It gets old and I think I've done damn well in this sick world of yours. You think I give a damn about one stupid, feeble, weak human, especially one mated to Rhyn?

Damn right it's cheating. Just take me and the damn tarantula in the kitchen home! My guess is she sets the damn alarm multiple times every night. He hoped she wasn't going to play a King Solomon and cut the damn thing in half but he withdrew a Swiss Army knife from his pocket. Damn good thing he didn't wake up. I'd know damn well it was wrong.

Damn need to get off

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