Cruising and hookup places in page az

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Show 30 30 40 50 listings, ordered by city newest last edited title rating comments category ascending descending Sort. Remember Me? Forgot Password? Looking for now Looking for later Not looking. Not a member? Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 31 Last night Thursday there was a hot stud working it through his bathing suit in the steamroom.

He was just about to pull it out for me when fish came in. The moment was lost and could not reconnect The locker room is pretty nice lately and the showers are go There are many good looking people, but they seem to be there to work-out, naturally! I was there this morning and sucked a huge nine-inch cock.

He was a hot white guy muscle man. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 26 Met up with a bottom bro from Grindr Friday night and fucked the hell out that hot wicked hole. Otherwise mostly dead but still a hot place for a fuck-n-go action. Stopped by here late night a couple times this summer, tryin' to connect with the tall Puerto Rican bro with the camouflage pants but no luck. Seen only one fat guy a couple of times an Walked up on a skinny Black dude fucking a tall dude in camo pants and cap back behind the garage area.

I fucked the cummy hole too and dump I was out there late Friday night and hooked up with this tall Puerto Rican dude with a deep throat hot ass.

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I fucked the bro hard Van Buren Street. Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 8 Went there last week to find the peep hole covered, and the place was a ghost town. Got my dick sucked and left satisfied. There are some really hot suit types that want to blow or get blown as a quickie between meetings At this time of year the mall is dead because of the heat and the only person who ever seems to be here is a guy in his seventies or eighties. And he comes in with hi I happened to be in Phoenix on other business mid-week and was the only guest there.

Check the "occupied" banner on their room listings to get an i Clean and friendly, and I managed to get my brains fucked out by a hot older guy within the first hour after checking in. And the nude pool is a great place to get started. I stay with the guys at Arizona Sunburst Inn and always get lots of action. Usually, I have a dick in my mouth or up my Anything goes in this place.

Nice pool and hot tub, lots of sex action twenty-four hours a day. This place is super active! I would go here every day if I could! I thought this place was Cruising and hookup places in page az for a long time, but apparently men still cruise the restrooms. No one at all. Most Recent Reviews Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. Turn right and parking spaces are immediately along the east side of the wash. Or, from Thunderbird Road and 19th Avenue, head west to 23rd Avenue and turn left onto 23rd.

The cruisiest portion is between the 'Sweetwater entrance' Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 12 I personally work out here and have had a gym membership for years. I rarely get a room but will be giving one when occasion arises. There are plenty of regulars and since this is a retirement town I still go here but not as much. The front desk staff are very indifferent and can be downright rude We have 26 [mdash] 27 with yours [mdash] This is the second worst bathhouse I've been to; Milwaukee still ranks first.

The staff must really hate their jobs, they're super-unfrie The park is located to the east of the Northern Avenue exit from Route Dreamy Draw Dr. Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 30 Went there at lunch time and took the trail out of the parking lot and took the first left. I walked up the hill, through the tunnel and went left up the hill. About half way up the hill is a nice Any tips? Where do I go? The nights are much cooler now and perfect for cruising. Just remember, the park rangers close the gate just before su Saw about cruisers last night.

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Fucked a muscular middle aged man last night. This place is hot! Saw about a dozen cruisers. I did hook up with a muscle bottom. We fucked for about an hour with minimal interruptions. This was hot! The toilet is on the left. Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 24 I've been there to try and find this cruisy toilet and can't locate the damn thing. If it's in the office building to the left of the Coldstone then it's not open on weekends.

Within ten minutes three people purposely came in to check if I was cruising. I was wearing a business suit.

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Be careful. I think security is waching wh Within ten minutes, two people walked in just to check if I was cruising. No luck for them, I was really using the john. It never fails between am and pm. You'll get a guy with a ring on his finger looking to get off. The place is dark and not safe. Any homophobe can jump you and no one around to see the event.

Guys usually park in the front and hang out in the back until someone goes behind the wall behind the dumpster. That's were the sucking action takes p Want to come here lunchtime through late afternoon. Bottom guy, 52, 5'11"fit and muscular, looking for no-strings top to use me. I think that was a joke as the regular clientele tend to be older, but more recently it's been a mixed crowd.

You'll find almost any type on a Monday as it is Both days attract a l It isn't the job with the most lot of glamor but is a vital service that they provide I hear you can't wear any street clothes. Can I get dressed as a Slut in black lite makeu Fry's is in a shopping center next to the interchange. Most Recent Reviews Posted Dec 24 The steam room is great late at night, after when the high traffic dies down.

Guys will be in there in just their underwear, towel, or will unwrap their towel and be completely nude so you can s Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 14 Bathroom has been remodeled, nice upgrade if they can keep it clean. No more peepholes but the stall partitions are higher. Have never had any action here but always lots of freeballing going on. After several interruptions, he was finally able to g Best sex I ever had. This guy Cruising and hookup places in page az to be at least 10 inches -- no lie!

We jacked each other and sucked a little under the stall wal Lots of horny married dudes looking to get off. Late afternoons are best in the steamroom and sauna or in the outside showers. Better at night, younger crowd, more showing off and jacking off in the bathrooms.

Jacked off a beautiful uncut Latin cock in the PM, before clo What a place. I am amazed at how many gay guys go to this gym. I just ed and get cruised all the time. It looks like a h I caught the eye of a hot guy working out. I could see his cock get a little hard when we were working out. We met up in the locker room, showered across from each other showing off

Cruising and hookup places in page az

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Cruising in Arizona, United States