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The Cadillacs were married on June 25, and the couple lived in what is now known as Nova Scotia. Cadillac wanted his wife and child to him to prove that the settlement was a suitable place for family life.

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The group arrived at Fort Pontchartrain in October They are supposedly the first European women to set foot in Michigan. At the settlement Madame Cadillac took on many responsibilities and administrative duties for the settlement - she hired voyagers, ed contracts, and served as a doctor to the two hundred habitants and neighboring Native Americans.

Her husband was recalled twice to Quebec, and during his absences she would maintain interests in his stead.

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While at the fort, the Cadillacs had several more children. They had a total of 13 children, many of whom died at a very early age. She remained in Detroit untilwhen her husband was removed from command and sent to Louisiana.

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She then returned to France where she lived until her death in At the time of her death she was survived by 3 living children. All Rights Reserved. Shop Donate Webcam Pressroom Blog.

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Contact Careers. Hudson, Jr.

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